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Morel Hunters' Walking Staff

Two views of the top end of walking staff, which is almost 6 feet tall, and carved from what we believe is ironwood.

Here is the bottom of staff which is carved to resemble a deer hoof. (I still haven't figured out how to scan the center, where there is a dangling Rattlesnake whose tail shows at top of picture, and an inlaid Amonite among other things)

Eagle Staff, Carved and Burned.

Santa, Carved and Painted.

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Cougar burned on a Basswood round.

Ducks burned on Basswood.
I have to appologise for the quality of these photos, they are the only pictures that I have access to at present.

Morel Mushrooms burned on a Basswood round.

Jay Freelands' Page!

These are some of the things that Jay makes!

Jay does a variety of Burning and Carving, these are the only ones I have pictures of yet!! As soon as the others are developed and scanned, you will see Walking staffs with snakes and spiders crawling all over! They are much too incredible to describe! This page will be updated very soon!!

Any inquiries can be sent to

Dogwood Blossoms burned on Basswood.

Cyprus Knee with a face carved on.

Pheasant burned on a Basswood clock.