Pyrogites' Wood-Carving

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These are some of my wood-carvings.

At top is a Scoop carved from Basswood and Burned with an Ivy pattern.

Next are two views of the same feather, carved from Cedar. Under the feather are two views of Morel mushrooms, carved from Butternut. And just below the mushrooms is an Oak leaf, carved from Basswood.

On right is another Basswood Scoop, with a photo of cows burned on.

Below it is a carved bowl with butter paddle burned on as a decoration.

Below center are two pictures of a group of Carvings, including a finished snake and an unfinished snake, an imitation Trilobite fossil Carved from Cottonwood bark, an unfinished spoon, and a Feather carved from Cedar with the coloration of the wood coming in very handy!

At bottom you can also see a utensil I designed to pull a stone pizza pan out of the oven. In most of the photos you can see an Oak leaf resting on the cow scoop. The leaf also is carved from Basswood with some details burned on.

Last is close-up of cows on carved scoop.

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